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Who are YOU hating on today? A brother?  A sister? A client? A social media troll? Why? Because they are acting like an idiot? Because they don’t have the same opinion as you?

People say, as if it were good advice, “Live life like it’s your last day?”

I’m not even sure what that means. Should I have a party every day? Should I eat cake all day long. Because if I knew tomorrow I was going to die then I would eat cake all day today.

Do this instead: Live life like it’s the last day for EVERYONE ELSE.

Imagine now you see someone. You know it’s their last day but they don’t.

So you will treat them really well and feel compassion for them. And then they will treat you well.

What a nice virtuous cycle. One that helps everyone and makes you happy.

Inspired by a true bad ass… James Altucher

By Seth Larrabee