Junket Rep vs. onsite Casino Host 10 Reasons why a Junket Rep wins everytime

By July 25, 2014Las Vegas

Chris Asks

What do you offer that my current casino hosts doesn’t offer?

That’s a great question Chris and one that I think you’ll see tremendous benefit by using our company

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1. Your casino host represents the casino and works for the casino.

We represent the casinos, but we work for you.  If you were to buy a home, would you just walk up and sign a contract with the Realtor who represents the seller?  Or would you want to be represented by a buyers broker who has your best interest in mind and will make sure you get the best deal possible.   It’s always free to use a buyers broker to represent you, so that’s why almost anyone who buys real estate takes advantage of it.  It’s the same with a junket rep, you get personal representation to look out for your best interests.  It  just adds one more layer of protection to make sure you vacation goes flawless.  

2. Get exactly the same attention on site

If you book with us you will still have an on site casino host when you visit your favorite casino.
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3. Options

We have contracts with 62 Casinos.  Including 14 Casinos in Las Vegas, 9 Major Cruise Lines. Your casino host more than likely has no incentive to book you anywhere else besides their onsite property.

4. Variety

Who likes to go to the same place every single trip?  We can offer much more variety in terms of where you stay.  Whether it be in Las Vegas or one of the international casino resorts we represent.

5. One call does it all.

No more need to have 30 different numbers of 30 different casino hosts.
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6. We provide better comps.

Because we send tens of millions of dollars in business to the casinos every year we have access to better comps.  It’s similar to the difference between using a loan officer who works inside a bank that has to abide by certain guidelines VS. a private mortgage broker who can shop around and negotiate you a better rate.
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7. We don’t comp based on points

Your casino mlife/rewards/players club card points don’t matter with us, we go by your casino rating.  We confirm your casino rating wherever you play and use that rating to book you at any casino in the world.

8.  No hidden agenda:

On most trips that we send players we get paid on theoretical losses so we route for you to win.  Your casino host secretly cheers for you to lose so they can get a big bonus or a raise.

9. We don’t sleep.

Your casino host works a 9-5 job and I’m sure they like their free time  We’re easy to get a hold of at anytime 8am? no problem 1am? I’m answering my phone.  It doesn’t matter to us, we work around the clock.  At least once a month I’ll have a client call me around midnight because they want to get into a Vegas nightclub and not have to wait in the line.

10. And the most IMPORTANT reason why we win…

We send you Christmas and Birthday gifts.   I bet your casino host doesn’t do that!
To your success,
R. Slate
CEO & Founder- Players Club Tours