How to Get a Comped Hotel Room in Las Vegas

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If you have a casino rating over 500 ADT at any casino in the United States (estimate your casino rating read this) it’s as simple as calling us 1-866-968-8687

If you don’t have a casino rating this high continue reading.

In the City Of Compin’, Las Vegas, comps are a hotel casino standard. These are freebies that the casino gives you in return for spending money playing the games at their casinos. So if you’re spending a considerable amount of time gambling, you are going to get some comps thrown your way. These could be food and beverage comps (usually for the breakfast buffet) or even a comp for something at the hotel gift shop or show tickets.

Yet who cares about a buffet comp when what would really make your trip is having your room tab picked up by the casino. So how do you do that? Well, we talked to some casino folks out in Vegas to try answer that very question. Needless to say, in order to have a shot at a coveted comp you will need to drop some coin at the tables. Here are the top five ways to get yourself a Vegas room on the house:

·Ask for things

That’s the key: Ask for things. Casinos are never going to just give you free stuff (aside from that breakfast buffet comp) so you need to ask for what you can get in exchange for dropping your life savings at the casino. (It also doesn’t hurt to tip the pit boss.)

·Join the casino players club

If you are a regular visitor to Vegas (or any casino for that matter), it pays to sign up for the casino’s players club or players reward club. In fact, in order to even get a room comp or other types of comps you must first be a “rated player.” This means you sign up for the players club, and are given a card which keeps track of how much money you are gambling, at either the tables or the slots.

If you plan a trip to Vegas to do some medium to heavy gambling, the hotel rooms and amenities should probably not be the first thing that you are concerned with. You should be concerned with which players club gets you the most rewards. And if you spend all your time gambling in that casino, you can get your room tab discounted or even comped.

Just ask to have your bill evaluated when you check-out. If you have spent a considerable amount of time gambling, at least a few hours each day of your stay, the hotel will be able to knock off some charges on your bill.

·Gamble Big

We are talking big money in one sitting like betting more than $5,000 in less than a few hours. Playing the slots will often take much more than that. Different casinos have different minimum bets and time requirements involved in the comp equation. It’s also important to gamble big when the pit boss is looking and less when he’s not. Yet even when you’re on a winning streak, looking like a loser (ie stashing some chips) can always earn you some pity comps.

·Charge everything to your hotel room

Dinners, shopping, drinks, it all adds up. You can’t avoid having to spend quality time at a high limit table to earn a comp, but charging anything and everything you can to your hotel room certainly doesn’t hurt your chances for ending up comped.

·Spend all you money in the casino where you are staying

The folks in charge of comp giving are more likely to hand you freebies when they see that you’ve kept a lot of business in the hotel.

We break down six comp strategies at six casinos post jump.



Table Games: $100 a hand for at least five hours to get room comp or casino rate. Casino rate varies from day to day depending on level of business.

Slots: Vary from slot to slot but every 100 points you earn equals $10 cash back.

Rewards Program: Venetian Players Club

Our tip: The Casino Host is the only person who can make a room comp or casino rate happen. So get to know him/her well and ask for what kind of comp you can earn.


Table Games: $75 average bet a hand for fours hours a day will earn you casino rate or other higher-end comps. $150 average bet for four hours is needed for the room comp.

Slots: 700 points a day for a casino rate of $159 (standard room) during the week or $239 on Friday and Saturday. 3,500 points a day on slots will get you a comped room. $3 equals one oint on the regular slot machines. $9 equals one point on the video poker machines.

Rewards Program: Red Card (which is also your room key.)

Our Tip: None of this information is listed on Wynn’s fancy, flash-happy website so ask to speak with someone in Casino Marketing when you phone the hotel if you want to learn more about their rewards system.


Table Games: Must play at least four hours with considerable bets (most likely a $100 a hand) for casino rate of $149 during the week and $219 Friday and Saturday.

Slots: One dollar is equal to one point. Casino rates are offered for those who earn  1275 points.

Rewards Program: Players Club (which is available to the MGM properties, and several big strip hotels like Mandalay Bay and Excalibur will be joining this program come Fall.)

Our Tip: This place has a pretty tough room comp requirement and is probably something only high rollers blowing $20,000 in a few hours are entitled to.


Table Games: For a room comp, you need to average $100 a bet for four hours.

Slots: Averaging 3,500 to 4,000 per day of your stay will get you a room comp. $1.50 is equal to one point.

Rewards Program: Players club

Our Tip: Definitely speak with casino hosts upon checking out who are likely to at least comp some of your food and beverage when you gamble there. Remember, asking is the key to unlocking comps here.


Table Games: Typically, four hours of $100 bets a hand can get you a room comp. Anything under that, try to ask for a casino rate.

Slots: $1 equals one point. 400 points will get you $1 in comp money to use at the hotel.

Rewards Program: Club Palms

Our Tip: Be a high-roller. Who cares if you will spend the rest of your life and your children’s and grandchildren’s totally destitute. High-rollers here get amazing treatment and access to some of the Palms’ Fantasy Tower fun suites.


Table Games: Can only earn comp dollars here. There is no set formula but they tend to stick to the 4 Hours/$100 a hand that most casinos use has measurement of how comp worthy you are.

Slots: $20 equals one point. On the video slots, $40 equals one point. Ten points get you $1 cash.

Rewards Program: Back Stage Pass

Our Tip: Again, like the Palms be a high-roller to experience some of the premiere rooms and services at this notorious party hotel. If you can’t be a high-roller, then its good to know that you comp dollars can be used at the spa, hair salon and retail shops, although the latter only give you 50 percent of your comp dollar worth. I.E.  You have a $100 comp they will only see it as $50.


Table Games: Finally, some respect here at Hooters for the hard-working man (or woman.) $25 a bet for four hours will get you a casino rate room. $100 a bet for four hours will get the comp.

Slots: 1,500 points a day for the casino rate rooms. 7,000 points for a room comp. One dollar equals one point.

Rewards Program: Club Orange

Our Tip: The hotel encourages you to spend money in the hotel if you are staying there and that will count towards your comp status. Although, there’s only so many bad-tasting chicken wings we can handle