Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Three Bedroom Penthouse

Room size: 3200 SF

Modern Luxury High Above The Las Vegas Strip.

The pinnacle of exclusivity, the West End Penthouses at The Cosmopolitan will truly change your vision of luxury living.

Light Penthouses

Each suite provides a one-of a kind experience through whimsical touches like crystal-encrusted wall textures, an unexpected art collection, and rich, tailor-made fabrics. Illuminated with brilliant ivory & white designs, the light Penthouses are the epitome of modern luxury. White lacquer tables & countertops, alabaster furniture and bone colored floors offer an immaculate Penthouse experience. Marble in shades of cream and white creates a feeling of splendor in every bathroom area as pristine accents invoke elegance with a twist of ultramodern style.

Dark Penthouses

Inspired by the rich shades of mahogany, chestnut and espresso, the dark-styled Penthouses invoke classic grandeur through time-honored design infused with contemporary fashion. Featuring ebony countertops, dark wood flooring and raven, marble-tiled bathrooms, guests will experience true sophistication amidst breathtaking views of the Las Vegas skyline.


• 3,200 square feet

• Three Bedrooms

• Floor-to-ceiling windows with breathtaking views

• Custom-made furniture and designs

• Advanced technology

• Expansive entertaining & living areas

• Separate wet bar

• Kitchenette & serving space

• Personalized Butler Service