Blackjack ADT Calculator. What is ADT?

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Blackjack ADT Calculator

How Much Are You Worth To The Casino?

ADT is essentially your casino rating all casinos use it to determine the amount of comps to provide their players.

Some casinos call it MDV (maximum daily value), ADW (Average Daily Worth) and others call it ADT (Average Daily Theoretical).  

What is Average Daily Theoretical (ADT) and why is it an important number to the casino.  The idea behind ADT is that it’s what you’re worth (theoretically) to the casino each and every time you walk into their establishment.  It is the amount that the casino should expect to make off that patron per day based on the games odds, their average bet and how long they typically play.

One other thing you need to know:

This is only applicable for those that have a player’s club card (Total Rewards, Mlife) and have given the card to a pitboss (floor supervisor) or  inserted it into their machine at which they’re playing.

In blackjack and table games your average bet is determined by the pitboss (floor supervisor)  He takes your card and inputs into the computer how much money you cashed in for chips.   He is supposed to keep an eye on all the players periodically to determine their average bet and their style of play.   When you cash out at the table the floor supervisor again marks into the computer how much you cashed out for to determine how much you won or lost during your time playing.

Just a side note

Its very difficult for floor supervisors to get your average bet exact so if you typically place $250 bets don’t start out with $50 bets.  When he’s paying attention never place anything less than your average bet size.

How much you’re worth to a casino is NOT how much money you actually lose.  What is more important is how much money you risk. I’ll get to slot machines in a moment, but first let’s start out with Blackjack.

Now let’s do an example so you can understand this better

Blackjack is calculated at a rate of 60 hands per hour.   On average blackjack has a 2% or less house edge but for this example we’ll use 2%

4 hours of Game play

60 hands Per hour

$250 average Bet

2% house Edge

4 x 60 x 250 x 0.02 (2%) =  $1,200 ADT

Blackjack ADT Calculator

Before I give you examples of how the other games work let’s get into what is the minimum ADT that most casinos require to qualify for comps.

Typically before a casino is willing to provide comps they want the player to play and average no less than 4 hours per day in the casino.   To get comped suites in Las Vegas typically you will need a 500 ADT/ADW.  Some of the lower end casino start comping rooms at 300 ADT/ADW.  If you’re a new player that expects to play a lot you can have your junket rep  book your room at casino rate and have them comp your play at checkout.

The really high-end suites (we’re talking pool tables and hot tubs) you will need a 2,500 ADT.

And to qualify to get the most high-end suites that Vegas has to offer, we’re talking 10,000 sq ft Marcus Aurelius villa that comes with your own private butler at Caesars Palace you will need a 75,000 ADT/ADW or a $1,000,000 Credit Line.

Video Poker, Craps, Roulette and other table games have a different house edge but the ADT is essentially calculated the same exact way.

All table games are calculated at 60 hands per hour.


Slot Machines are calculated a bit different

Slot Machines are calculated at 360 pulls per hour.   Average bet in Slots would be the dollar value of the machine times how many lines you play.

Here’s an example using dollar slots and playing 5 lines playing for 4 hours.

8 hours of Slot play

$1.00 Machine x 5 Lines = $5.00 per pull

360 Pulls per hour

5% house Edge (this varies per machine and per casino)

8       x     $5.00   x      360     x      0.05 (5%) =  720 ADT

In this example the player would have a 720 ADT and would qualify for complimentary suites.


Written by R. Slate

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