7 Things Every Girl Does in Las Vegas

By October 17, 2014Las Vegas


1. Gets dolled up

Say hello to the little black dress and extra-fancy sweater vest.

girls in las vegas

2. Gets the party started in the hotel room

It’s just how it’s done.

girls in vegas

3. Stays connected

You never know who might need to reach you in Sin City.

girls bellagio drinks

4. Orders ridiculous drinks she normally never would

But keeps it classy with a straw.

girls strippers males club vegas

5. Explores her wild side

What’s Vegas without a good show?

gilrs in vegas sleeping blackout shades

6. Sleeps the day away with the hotel blackout shades drawn

Until that one person inevitably opens the curtains.

girl going to the pool in vegas

7. Hits the pool after a long night

Let a dip in the cool pool wake you up before you head back to reality.